Hop to GIANT to do your grocery shopping! The GIANT Company sponsors FREE rabbittransit transportation to its East and West York grocery store locations.

East York GIANT Shuttle:

Shuttle runs to the GIANT in East York on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Departure Time / Location

  • 9:45AM York Towne House – 200 N. Duke Street
  • 9:50AM Delphia House – 350 E. Philadelphia Street
  • 9:55AM Broad Park Manor – 133 S. Broad Street
  • 10:00AM Broad Park Manor – 440 E. King Street
  • 10:05AM Broad Park Manor – 449 E. King Street
  • 10:10AM White Rose Senior Center – 27 S. Broad Street
  • 10:15AM Hudson Park Apts – 401 Ridge Avenue
  • 10:30AM (arrival) GIANT – 2415 E. Market Street
  • Bus departs GIANT at 11:45AM for return trip.

West York GIANT Shuttle:

Shuttle runs to the GIANT in West York on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Departure Time / Location

  • 9:45AM Dutch Kitchen – 381 W. Market Street
  • 9:50AM Shady Oak – 252 W. College Avenue
  • 10:00AM Kingston House – 1243 W. King Street
  • 10:05AM Carriage Works – 50 S. Highland Avenue
  • 10:15AM (arrival) GIANT – 1255 Carlisle Road
  • Bus departs GIANT at 11:30AM for return trip

Please note:

  • Personal shopping carts are permitted on board the bus
  • Car seats must be provided for children under the age of four. A booster seat must be provided for children between the ages of four and seven. Read rabbittransit’s car seat policy. 
  • All vehicles are ADA accessible
  • All vehicles have lifts for those needing assistance with stairs or carts
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