Flexibility is at your fingertips with rabbittransit’s on-demand shuttle service. Stop Hopper is similar to other ride-share services where customers can use a smartphone app to request a ride to and from anywhere they wish to travel within the service zone boundaries. Following a ride request, the app will provide an estimated pick-up time, track rides in real-time, and provide an alert upon arrival.

Where available, Stop Hopper offers the convenience of connecting with fixed route service. Stop Hopper is only $2.00 per one-way trip and is FREE for seniors with a registered Free Fare ID card!

Download the Stop Hopper App through the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android)!

Schedules and Maps

Franklin County

Stop Hopper operates Monday-Friday, 6:30AM-6:30PM in the Chambersburg service areas. Click below for more details!

Beginning on Monday, April 15, 2024, Fayetteville will now be included as a Franklin County Stop Hopper service zone! The Fayetteville expansion was supported by the Franklin County IMPACT! Grant program.

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York County

Stop Hopper operates Monday-Friday, 6:30AM-6:30PM in the Red Lion/Dallastown and East York service areas. Click below for more details!

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Snyder & Northumberland County

Stop Hopper operates Monday-Friday, 6:30AM-6:30PM in the Selinsgrove/Sunbury and parts of Northumberland borough service area. Click below for more details!

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Columbia, Montour, Snyder & Union County

Stop Hopper operates Monday-Friday, 6:30AM-6:30PM in the Danville-Bloomsburg and Lewisburg-Milton service areas. Click below for more details!

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Stop Hopper is just $2.00 a ride. However, there are special considerations that may save you money!

  • Seniors (65+) ride free with a registered Free Fare ID Card! For more information on how to register, please go here!
  • Use Token Transit to buy tickets in advance, get multi-ride passes, and speed up your boarding! Go here for more details!
  • Children under 44″ ride for free when riding with a fare-paying adult.
  • Where available, transferring from rabbittransit’s fixed route system with a valid transfer is only a $0.40 upcharge. Transfers only apply in the East York and Dallastown service areas where fixed routes operate.

Request responsibly: Practice “Stop Hopper Honor”: if you request a ride, be present and ready when your driver arrives to pick you up.

Ride responsibly: If you cannot make your requested ride, please cancel it.

Watch the tutorial!

Note: The video demonstrates a service area within York County, but the app works the same way no matter which service area you are in.




The Stop Hopper is a black Ford Transit vehicle with the Stop Hopper logo on the back window and rabbittransit logo on the doors.

Using the Stop Hopper app, you will be notified via text when your driver has arrived to pick you up. You may also monitor where the bus driver is among their trips on their way to pick you up at any time. If you used another method such as call-in, we recommend waiting at the pick-up location and calling into customer service if the vehicle hasn’t arrived within 15 minutes of your estimated pick up time as identified by the scheduling representative. Please be aware that this is an on-demand service and wait and travel times may adjust based on other riders.

You can cancel your trip at any time from the Stop Hopper app or via calling in to customer service. Please be aware that cancelling and rebooking a trip will not improve your place in the booking queue, so we’d encourage you to wait a half hour to hour before rebooking due to high wait time. Credit cards are not charged until the ride is complete.

Where available, request a transfer from the driver when boarding the fixed route or Stop Hopper vehicle. Remember that if you’re transferring to the Stop Hopper from fixed route there is a $0.40 upcharge due at boarding. You can pay this via cash while boarding or credit card in the Stop Hopper app by toggling the “XFER” button when scheduling the trip.

We can accept and secure devices on board. Space may be limited for bicycles, but in some zones, a bike rack may be available. Those traveling with a wheelchair or other mobility devices should indicate that when booking a trip via their rider profile special settings “wheelchair accessible” toggle. For additional passengers needing a WAV, use the “+” beside the word “passengers” while booking the trip and select the WAV option.

Customers can have as many bags as they can carry in their arms OR personal shopping carts can hold. Personal shopping carts are permitted on board. All items must be kept out of the aisles.

Please view the full Rider Code of Conduct to learn more.

Please contact customer service to file a customer report. These comments and suggestions will be used to evaluate the service and will be taken into account for any planned expansion. You can call 1-800-632-9063 or email stophopper@rabbittransit.org.