Riding with Bikes: Pedal. Hop. Pedal.

Bring your bike on the bus! Include rabbittransit in your bike trip — you’ll do more, see more, explore more, and get there faster — and bikes ride FREE! For your convenience, rabbittransit has placed bike racks on the front of our Fixed Route buses. Bring your bike on the bus as an alternative to pedaling your entire route, to avoid inclement weather or to overcome other obstacles like hills and crowded city streets.

Easily Load Your Bike On The Bus
Please have your bicycle ready to load and free of any loose items. When the rabbittransit vehicle arrives, inform the bus operator that you will need to load your bike.

  1. At the front of the bus, grab and squeeze the bicycle rack handle, then lower the rack out and away from the bus.
  2. Lift your bike onto the rack and align its wheels into the wheel wells closest to the bus.
  3. Secure your bike by lifting and setting the support arm over your bike’s tire, and you’re done!

When getting off the bus, inform your driver that you will be unloading your bike. To unload your bike, simply reverse steps #2 and #3 listed above. Remember to put the bike rack in its upright and locked position if you are the last to use it.

Stroller Policy

When traveling with a stroller, the stroller should be folded before entering the bus and should remain folded for the duration of the trip. For the safety and comfort of all passengers, the stroller should be stored out of the aisle.

loading bike onto bus