Union/Snyder County Travel Guidelines

Please review the recommended guidelines for your county. These suggested times are designed to provide you with times when vehicles are most likely to be available within your county. Shared Ride may require you to be dropped off up to one hour before your appointment and wait up to one hour after your appointment. Due to this potential wait time, we ask passengers NOT to schedule appointments at the very beginning or end of office hours of your provider so that transportation does not arrive before or after your provider’s
office is closed. Transportation beyond these times may be available, please contact your customer service representative for more details.



Union/Snyder County Average Arrival & Return Times: Monday-Friday

Origin Destination Average Destination Arrival Time Average Origin Return Time
All points in Union/Snyder Counties All points in Union/Snyder Counties 8:00AM thru 3:00PM 9:00AM thru 3:00PM
All points in Union/Snyder Counties Northumberland County 8:00AM thru 3:00PM 9:00AM thru 3:00PM
Union/Snyder Counties Danville 9:00AM thru 2:00PM 10:00AM thru 3:00PM
Union/Snyder Counties Camp Hill/ Harrisburg/Hershey Area/ Lebanon (Tues only, Medical only) 8:30AM 2:00PM
Union/Snyder Counties Lewistown Area (Mon, Wed and Fri only) 8:30AM thru 10:00AM 9:30AM thru 2:00PM
Union/Snyder Counties Muncy 8:30AM 2:00PM
Union/Snyder Counties Williamsport Area 8:30AM 2:00PM