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All Paratransit trips require an advanced reservation. All reservations must be made by 1:30PM the business day before your appointment; however, you may request a reservation as far ahead as two weeks. You must call with your requests by 1:30PM on Friday for trips on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

You can also book your Shared Ride trips online through the Find My Ride Schedule site.

Note: There is an exception for trips of the ADA Complementary Paratransit Program and of the Same Day Shared Ride Pilot Program. ADA Complementary Paratransit Program trips can be scheduled the day before your trip during regular business hours of 7:00AM – 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. Saturday 7:15 to 3:45PM, Sunday and holidays can be made via an automated phone system.

Same Day Shared Ride Pilot Program trips must be scheduled by 1:30PM at least 2 hours prior to the trip. See the Same Day Shared Ride Pilot Program section below for more details.

What are the guidelines for Same Day Shared Ride?

  • The Same Day Shared Ride Program is a pilot program available only to riders funded by PWD and the Lottery.
  • Same Day and Next Day requests must be made by 1:30PM. After that, the regular scheduling process will follow.
  • Same Day requests must be made at least 2 hours prior to the trip.
  • During this pilot program, the safest way to reserve your trip is to book the day before. Space is limited and same day trips may be denied.
  • All trip requests must fit within standard county guidelines.

What number do I call to make a reservation?

To schedule a reservation for transportation, call rabbittransit Customer Service at 1-800-632-9063.

Customer Service operates between 7:00AM and 7:00PM, Monday through Friday, and between 7:45AM and 3:00PM on Saturday.

You must speak with a person; requests for trips left via voicemail will not be accepted. We suggest avoiding Mondays from 7:00AM-9:00AM, which is a peak call time.

What information do I need to schedule a trip?

  • Your Rider ID number or name. If you are making a trip for someone else, please give their Rider ID number or name.
  • The appointment time. See Travel Guidelines concerning appointment times.
  • The exact address for the trip you are requesting.
  • The name of the doctor or facility for the trip you are requesting.
  • Any mobility device you require.
  • If you need a personal care assistant. Must be pre-approved by rabbittransit during application process.
  • Notes about special entrances to your building (i.e. Apartment located at back entrance etc.).

Passengers are responsible for notifying rabbittransit of any address or phone number changes by 12:00PM the business day before a trip.

How much will I pay?

Different programs have different co-pays. Co-pays vary because each passenger utilizes different funding sources. Please see Shared Ride Fares for detailed fare charts illustrating funding sources and trip purposes. A rabbittransit Customer Service representative will confirm the cost of your co-pay for the specific trip you are booking at the time of reservation.

Will someone other than rabbittransit pick me up?

rabbittransit utilizes subcontractors to provide transportation. This means a passenger may be picked up by different providers in different types of vehicles (i.e. taxi cab, mini-van, van, bus, etc…). Not all vehicles will include a rabbittransit logo or signage, but a transportation company name should appear on the vehicle.