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Instead of paper tickets, all riders must sign up for an electronic account where payments will be credited (also referred to as ticketless fares). Paper tickets are no longer issued. Riders should continue to purchase transportation as they have in the past through their electronic account.

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What are ticketless fares?

Ticketless fares are an easy way for paratransit riders to pay for a trip. This is a prepaid, rider-specific account that replaces the purchase of paper tickets.

How do ticketless fares work?

Riders maintain a prepaid balance so that funds are available for use as payment. Funds can be added through the website, over the phone, by mail, or in person at the Zarfoss Road office. Funds must be received at least one business day (Mon.-Fri. only) in advance to be available for use. The account will not be deducted until the trip is completed.

Are ticketless fares my only payment option?

No, you may also use cash upon boarding. Please use exact fare as our drivers are not able to give you change.

Are refunds given for unused balances? 

No, refunds will not be given. Riders can choose to donate unused funds to another rider of their choice or to rabbitcares, a non-profit organization that supports the mobility needs of those who may not qualify for traditional transportation funding sources.

Can I purchase transportation for someone else?

Yes. When you purchase transportation online, simply enter the name and address of the recipient as the shipping address and the amount will be credited toward their account.

How can I check the balance on my account? 

You can check your balance when booking a trip, by asking your driver, or online at

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