Identifying Your Bus
Each bus has an assigned number or letter and is named by its farthest destination. The destination of each bus is displayed on the destination sign above the windshield and also to the left of the front door. If you have any questions about which bus to board while using the transit system, please ask the operator or call the rabbittransit Main Office for assistance. rabbittransit buses are also
equipped with onboard audio announcements which broadcast the major stops and schedule time points.


Boarding the Bus
Always try to arrive a few minutes early. Be sure to stand on the same side of the road that the bus is traveling. As your bus approaches, raise your hand to signal the bus operator that you want to board. Read the destination signs on the front or side of the bus – they tell you the route number and where it’s headed. When the correct bus arrives, have the exact fare, your Token Transit pass pulled up on your phone, or your myPass/Hop-N-Go card ready. Please allow any passengers to exit before you board. Once on the bus, insert your money or your myPass card into the farebox next to the operator. After paying your fare, please take an empty seat. If you must stand, hold on to a handrail or post. Please remember the front seats are reserved for senior citizens and passengers with disabilities.

As you are riding, pay attention and watch for your stop. About a block before your stop, let the operator know you want to exit by pulling the cord or pressing the rubber strip between the windows. If you don’t know the area, ask the operator to let you know when nearing your stop.


Transferring Buses
Please alert the driver at the beginning of your trip that you will need a transfer to complete your one-way trip. Letting the driver know in advance that you need a transfer helps save you time as the driver coordinates with other buses. Transfer connections are not guaranteed. Click here to learn more about transfers.


Leaving the Bus
Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop. Please use the rear door to exit the bus. Remember to always check traffic when exiting. Traffic doesn’t stop for our buses like it does for a school bus, so never cross in front of the bus!