rabbitcares, formerly known as 3P Ride, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization formed on December 28, 2017 in affiliation with the Central Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (dba rabbittransit). rabbitcares developed during an eighteen-month inclusive planning process supported in part as a demonstration project through the Administration for Community Living’s (ACL) “Transit Planning 4 All” initiative. The success of our 40 plus person partnership, which is made up of transit riding seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, as well as stakeholders who represent our riders, allowed us to develop into a nonprofit organization.


Public transportation, often called mass transit, tends to cater to the masses. rabbitcares was developed and operates today based on the premise that we need to be responsive to the individual rider, not just the masses. That is, we need to address not what we assume is the need, but what we hear are the needs- from the riders themselves. rabbitcares

  • Offers a link for riders to easily reach and inform decision-makers of existing barriers, thus moving away from the top-down approach that is often utilized, to a more bottom-up approach.
  • Builds inclusion and collaboration into our work so that we can address not what we assume is the need, but the needs as we hear them from the partnership.
  • Works with the partnership to identify solutions to the needs/barriers and then seek funding sources to support those efforts.
  • Provides a mechanism to serve populations that fall outside of traditional transportation funding streams.

Priority Transportation: Veterans Transportation, Access to Food, GHP

When you approach a table that is surrounded with an amazing diversity of life experiences, the outcomes are certain to be better than us going it alone. The innovative process of inclusiveness through collaboration was the foundation of our success.”
-Richard Farr, Executive Director


rabbitcares, the charitable organization of rabbittransit, is a nonprofit organization advancing affordable and convenient mobility solutions that allows all Central Pennsylvania’s residents to connect to their most basic needs.

Vision: Creating a community where everyone has mobility opportunities

Values: The 4 I’s of rabbitCARES: Individualism, innovation, inclusion, and integrity

Want to get involved? 1-800-632-9063 or email info@rabbitcares.org