rabbittransit’s partner, Commuter Services of Pennsylvania, can help commuters form a vanpool by locating and bringing together a group of seven to 15 people to share the ride and commuting costs to and from work. They’ll help to map your locations, identify a meeting place for morning and afternoon pick-ups, and even assist with finding back-up drivers. Once your vanpool is on the road, Commuter Services’ commitment to marketing and outreach at worksites will help you with potential new riders.

Each vanpool has a unique route and schedule based on the needs of its members. In most cases, vanpoolers meet their rides at park-and-ride lots or another site and are driven to their worksites. At the end of the workday, vanpoolers are picked up near their worksite and are driven back to their meeting point.

Relax or catch up on work during your daily commute. Vanpools offer comfortable seating, zoned heating and air conditioning, customized lighting, tinted windows, and other amenities.

Low monthly rates
Participating in a vanpool can drastically reduce your commuting costs. Vanpoolers share vehicle and gas costs, as well as tolls and parking.

Driving alone to work 25 miles each way can cost more than $5,000 a year. The same commute in a 14-passenger vanpool can cost much, much less. One monthly payment covers the cost of your vehicle, insurance, maintenance and applicable sales tax. The exact monthly cost of your vanpool will vary depending on your choice of vehicle and the total roundtrip miles of your commute. Commuter Services will guide you through your options and help you select the right vehicle and pricing for your group. To learn more about vanpooling and its benefits, call Commuter Services at 1.866.579.RIDE (1.866.579.7433) or send them an  email.

Emergency Ride Home Program
Commuter Services of PA offers a FREE Emergency Ride Home Program to commuters. Commuters who ride share, walk, bike or use transit are covered by this program. ERH applicants must create a Commute PA account at PACommuterServices.org Record at least 2 commute trips to work per week. Commuters may set up a “recurring trip” to save time. Commuter finds and pays for their emergency ride home. Redeem an ERH reimbursement form from PACommuterServices.org. Submit the form to Commuter Services of Pennsylvania.

Tax Benefits
Section 132(f) of the Federal tax code enables employers to offer pre-tax deductions of up to $265 per month to pay for qualified vanpool costs. Pennsylvania Act 279 of 1982 also addresses ridesharing arrangements.

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