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Notice For Public Transportation Service Changes

The Central Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (CPTA), doing business as "rabbittransit," announces its intent to make service changes to the York/Hanover Fixed Route Service. As a result, CPTA is offering the opportunity for public comment.

A Public Hearing will be held on:
Wednesday, June 5, 2019, at 4:00 p.m. at the rabbittransit Administrative Office at 415 N. Zarfoss Drive, York, PA. This location is served by the Route 5W.

The purpose of the hearing will be to receive feedback from the public on the proposed fixed route service changes. The public may transmit comments in person at the hearing or in writing.

Written comments may be directed to:

  • fax 717-846-1232
  • Complete a comment sheet at the rabbittransit Transfer Center (213 W. King St. at Pershing Ave., York, PA) or rabbittransit Administrative Office (415 N. Zarfoss Drive, York, PA).

Written comments will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 19, 2019.

Questions can be directed to 1-800-632-9063. Upon request, language assistance is provided free of charge to assist in communicating with individuals who do not speak English. Interpretation services are available by calling 1-800-632-9063. Customers should identify their need upon calling. rabbittransit will make available sign language interpretation services at the public hearing upon the request of an individual in advance with the need for such services.

Should the proposed changes be adopted, the new changes would go into effect on
Sunday, August 18, 2019.

La Autoridad de Transporte e del Centro de Pennsylvania (CPTA, por sus siglas en inglés), que opera como “rabbittransit”, anuncia su intención de hacer cambios al Servicio de Ruta Fija de York. Como resultado, CPTA está ofreciendo la oportunidad para que el público emita su opinión.

Cambios propuestos al servicio de ruta fija:
Rutas 1W, 3N, 5W, 6N, 7S, 13 y 33

Los detalles del cambio de servicio propuesto están disponibles en línea en, en el Centro de Transferencia de rabbittransit, 213 W. King Street, York, PA y en la Oficina Administrativa de rabbittransit en 415 N. Zarfoss Drive, York, PA.

Se realizará una audiencia pública el:
Miércoles 5 de junio de 2019, a las 4:00 p. m. en la oficina administrativa de rabbittransit en 415 N. Zarfoss Drive, York, PA. Esta ubicación es servida por Route 5W.

El propósito de la audiencia será recibir comentarios del público sobre los cambios propuestos al servicio de ruta fija. El público puede emitir comentarios en persona en la audiencia o por escrito.

Los comentarios por escritos pueden ser dirigidos a:
2)   fax 717-846-1232
3)   Llene la hoja de comentarios en el Centro de Transferencia de rabbittransit (213 W. King St. en Pershing Ave., York, PA) o en la Oficina Administrativa de rabbittransit (415 N. Zarfoss Drive, York, PA).

El día jueves 19 de junio de 2019, se aceptarán comentarios por escrito hasta las 5:00 p. m.

Las preguntas se pueden dirigir al 1-800-632-9063. Previa solicitud, la asistencia de un traductor se proporciona de forma gratuita para ayudar a comunicarse con las personas que no hablan inglés. Los servicios de interpretación están disponibles llamando al 1-800-632-9063. Los clientes deben identificar su necesidad al llamar. Con previa solicitud, rabbittransit pondrá a disposición, en la audiencia pública, servicios de interpretación en lenguaje de señas a cualquier persona que requiera de dichos servicios.

En caso de que se adopten los cambios propuestos, los nuevos cambios entrarán en vigencia el domingo 18 de agosto de 2019.

Proposed Fixed Route Service Changes

Route 1W

On arrival to West Manchester Town Center, but will travel Loucks Rd. to Kenneth Rd. to Rodney Rd. to the Bus Stop at West Manchester Town Center.

The segment of Rodney Rd. east of Kenneth Rd. will be served by the extended Route 3N. Inbound trips on the 1W will now stop and serve Delco Center.

Minor time adjustments have been made to those stops between Delco Center and the West Manchester Town Center.

Click here to view proposed schedules & maps (Inbound and Outbound).

Route 3N

3N is extended to the new Hospital location. Regular routing to Northwest Plaza, then, it will continue on Rt. 30 to Loucks Rd. to Rodney Rd., to Kenneth Rd. and up to the new Hospital. On exit it will serve the new Wellspan and OSS facilities along Roosevelt Ave. before returning to Northwest Plaza. It will then follow the regular routing from Northwest Plaza to the downtown Transfer Center.

There are minor changes in schedule times for the route between downtown and Northwest Plaza, and, new schedule times for the Hospital addition.

Click here to view proposed schedules & maps (Inbound and Outbound).

Route 5W

Saturday and Sunday service frequency on the 5W will be increased from every hour to every ½ hour.

Click here to view proposed schedule.

Route 6N

The two Saturday trips to the Manchester/Emigsville Industrial Parks (6:50AM and 3:55PM trips only) will be eliminated and moved to the Route 33 Schedule.

Click here to view proposed schedule & map.

Route 7S

This Route is proposed to be eliminated weekdays and Saturdays.

Route 13

Route 13 will include service to the new Hospital on the inbound trips from Dover. Bus will follow regular routing to Kenneth and Loucks Rds. Turn left on Loucks Rd. and travel to the new Hospital stop. On exit, it will travel back to Loucks Rd. and return to the West Manchester Town Center.

Schedule times are modified somewhat to accommodate the Hospital and for transferring to/from the Route 1W at West Manchester Town Center.

Click here to view proposed schedule & map.